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University Trademarks

The University claims ownership to a number of trademarks — including logos, symbols and nicknames — associated with the University.  The following are just a few of those marks:

Ole Miss                         the M                  CrestUM_Web_2x

A trademark owner has an obligation to protect his or her marks from unauthorized use — if the marks are not protected, then the owner can end up losing the right to control those marks.

Frequently, a party wishing to partner with the University will insert a provision giving it the right to use University marks in different ways.  The most frequent request is to allow the party to place a University trademark on advertising materials sent to other potential clients or customers.

Any request to use a University mark must be approved by the Office of Licensing (915-7445). If the other party wishes to place the mark on items that will be sold, the Office of Licensing may require that party to apply for that right through the Collegiate Licensing Company.


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