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Office of General Counsel
University of Mississippi

Political Activities and Public Office

Participation by employees of the several institutions of higher learning in various community and public affairs is expected; however, it is expected that time given to such activities will not interfere with the regular duties of the employees. Political activities by an employee will not be prohibited at such times as the employee would not be ordinarily required to render services to the institution or if the employee elects to take and the institution grants leave of absence without pay.
The following procedures and guidelines are established to implement this policy on the Oxford campus of The University of Mississippi:

  1. Before an employee shall become a candidate for public office, he or she must give notice of candidacy to the appropriate department chairperson, dean or director, vice chancellor, and Chancellor.
  2. Such employee must not permit his or her candidacy to interfere with the discharge of normal responsibilities to the University.
  3. The employee must take Personal Leave or leave without pay status for any portion of the normal working day that he or she expends on political activities.
  4. The employee must not state nor imply that his or her candidacy has the endorsement of the University.
  5. The employee must not use the insignia, seal, or logos of the University on any campaign literature, television ads, banners, or other campaign devices.
  6. The employee must not use the University telephone system, mail service, equipment, supplies or physical facilities in organizing or conducting his or her campaign.
  7. No teacher shall use any part of a scheduled class period to promote his or her candidacy.
  8. If the employee is a successful candidate for a full-time public office, such employee must resign his or her full-time University employment before assuming the duties of the office to which he or she is elected.

University of Mississippi Policy on Political Activity