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Office of General Counsel
University of Mississippi

Contract Policies

The Chancellor of the University of Mississippi has been empowered by the Board of Trustees for the Institutions of Higher Learning to execute contracts on behalf of the University.  See IHL Policies and Bylaws here:

Therefore, no employee of the University may execute a contract on behalf of the University unless that employee has been delegated contractual authority.  See entire UM Policy on Contractual Authority here:

The delegation of authority must be in writing and must be sufficient to encompass any contract that the employee executes.  The Chancellor shall delegate to the Provost and Vice Chancellors sufficient contractual authority for those individuals to perform the responsibilities of their offices. Any employee who has contractual authority may delegate a portion of that authority to another employee who reports to him or to her.  All delegations should specify the degree of authority delegated. A delegation of authority should specify a dollar amount beyond which the employee may not obligate the University and may also specify the type of contract that the employee may execute. Some delegations, such as a delegation to execute affiliation agreements for the placement of students, may not carry with them any financial authority. Delegations may be made to a position or to a specific person.   See Standard Delegation form here.

No individual who has been delegated contractual authority may execute a contract until completing training through the Office of General Counsel.

Mandatory Addendum to All University of Mississippi Contracts

Contracts executed by University employees should include the Mandatory Contract Addendum for University Contracts.  If it is necessary to execute a contract without the addendum, the contract must be cleared by the Office of General Counsel or by the office of the appropriate vice chancellor.  Anyone with questions regarding contractual authority, the execution of contracts, or the Mandatory Contract Addendum, should contact the Office of General Counsel.

See Contract Addendum form here.